Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, has a masters degree in professional counseling, extensive business consulting background as well as decades of business ownership. Your privacy and confidentiality are foremost and we are not part of any insurance or government networks.

Business Consulting & Coaching in St. Cloud, Central MN [for CEO’s & Business Owners]

Gain Profit by Confidently Moving from Operations to Strategy. 

Make better decisions for faster results this week of May 14th, 2018. Confidential one-to-one executive coaching and consulting to gain profit by confidently reallocating your time from operations to strategy. Shorten your work day for healthier work-life balance. Contact me, Richard Chandler, MA, a short, complementary consult.

Relationship Drags on Profit​

Managers in conflict? Family members who work in your business having communications difficulties? ​Business partners putting their own interests ahead of your company’s health? Combining my decades of business experience with my skills in marriage and relationship counseling improves the odds that conflict can be resolved.

Changes Ahead?  [Business Coaching Builds Upon Your Strengths​]

Business owners have a lot of stress. My job is to help you navigate through difficult times, bringing clarity to your situation. Together, we can marshal your outer resources and build upon your inner strengths to overcome your business and personal challenges.​

Career & Workplace Stress Reduction​

Are you unhappy with your current work? I help clients navigate change in the arenas of career, work relationships, and in having more of the life that they want. Services include exploring career reinvention and resolving workplace conflict. Do you wish to explore new career opportunities that are better matched to who you are as a person? You may find the way forward with career consulting.​

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“I have been working with Richard on a monthly basis since May of 2015 on improving my effectiveness as a business owner and partner. Through insightful dialog, Richard has helped me improve my outlook and approach to challenging problems. I credit my work with him for dramatically improving my relationships with key partners and for improving my leadership skills. I believe the value of my time and investment with Richard has been paid back tenfold in improved attitude and performance in my life.”

Joe Meyer, CEO, Pristine Environmental

Being able have help in dealing with everything from personal issues with family members, to developing a strategy to help create a new management team within my business, has been bar none the most productive use of my time versus having to find help from two different sources. It is hard enough to find someone so skilled in these areas individually, but to have Richard’s ability to navigate them together, is a lasting investment of my time and worthwhile personally and professionally.

After over two years of working with Richard, I now find myself working in areas of strategy and sustainability of my business for the long term. It was difficult to get out of the daily rituals that consumed my day-to-day, and there have been times where I have wondered if I have given away too much to my new management team, but seeing our company growing without some of my direct interaction is proof that the decisions I have made, with the guidance of Richard, were the best for my business. I now find time to get out of the office and enjoy personal hobbies and my family time, which otherwise would have gone to the wayside. As hard as it was to make the first step in consulting Richard, it has been one of the single most important and valuable decisions I have made in my career. 

A Central MN Area Business Owner